Mon 22 Oct: INLAND 18.A (with COMA Adelaide) - AG / Rohan Drape / Erkki Veltheim trio + Pimmon + Stereo//Mono (Dan Thorpe / Melanie Walters). Wheatsheaf Hotel Adelaide, 7:30pm.
Sun 21 Oct:
INLAND 18.9 (with Tura New Music) - AG / Rohan Drape / Erkki Veltheim trio + Aviva Endean + Breaking Waves. 3pm, St Paul’s, Menora, Perth. $15/$10.
Thu 18 Oct:
INLAND 18.8 (with Speak Percussion) - New work by Thomas Meadowcroft (with AG / Eugene Ughetti / Kaylie Melville / Jeremy Dullard) + Aviva Endean. 8pm, Rosina Auditorium, Abbotsford Convent. $20/$12.
Sat 22 Sept:
AG solo + AG / David Stackenäs / Lisa Ullén trio. Private concert, Stockholm. 15hr - email for details.
Sun 9 Sept:
AG solo + Margaret Kammerer + Jim Black / Andrea Parkins. Private concert, Rummelsberg, Berlin. 20hr - email for details.
Sat 8 Sept:
AG / Julia Reidy duo + Olaf Rupp. Private concert, Kreuzberg, Berlin. 20hr - email for details.
Wed 5 Sept:
AG solo + AG / Tetuzi Akiyama / Joe Talia trio. Bar Ishee, Sendagi, Tokyo. 20hr.
Mon 22 Aug:
INLAND 18.7: Ned Collette (with Judith Hamann / Rohan Drape / Alex Garsden) + Oliver Mann / Stefano Pilia + Crush Crush (Evelyn Morries / Aviva Endean) + The Letter String Quartet. Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Thu 5 Jul:
Radu Malfatti + Alexander Garsden at Avant Whatever Festival, 3RRR Performance Space, East Brunswick. Free Entry (Bookings essential)
Thu 14 Jun: INLAND 18.5 (Part Two): Joe Talia, Rohan Drape, Bree Van Reyk + Jason Noble, Julia Reidy quartet (with Oscar De Mari, Joseph Littlefield and Alexander Garsden). Alpha Gallery, Erskineville. $15
Wed 13 Jun: INLAND 18.5 (Part One): Alexander Garsden, Kim Myhr, Julia Reidy. Alpha Gallery, Erskineville. $15
Thu 7 Jun: INLAND 18.4: New works by Artist Film Workshop, with: Dianna Barrie, Hanna Chetwin, Giles Fielke, Paddy Hay, Alexander Garsden, Louis Kennedy, Emily Kostos, Audrey Lam, Carl Looper, Sabina Maselli, Mirren Strahan, Lily Tait, Lisa Theiler, Richard Tuohy, Erkki Veltheim, James Waters. West Space, Melbourne. Free Entry. 7pm
Sun 11 Mar: INLAND 18.3: Alexander Garsden and Oren Ambarchi perform Alvin Lucier's Criss Cross. With crys cole, Francis Plagne, Rohan Drape, and Lizzy Welsh performing works by Giusto Pio. 3:30pm, Collingwood Arts Precinct, $12.
Tue 23 Jan: Collette/Endean/Garsden/Rushford/Talia/Welsh at MIUC. Also with: Pateras/Burr/Drape, Hamann/Lander/Cooper, O'Dwyer/Rasmussen/Wissel. Bar Open, Fitzroy. 8:30pm. $10/5.
Thu 18 Jan: Ned Collette and Wirewalker, Ora Clementi, and Other places. The Gasometer, Collingwood. $15

^ 2018

Sun 5 Nov: INLAND 17.D - The Days We Tally - Natasha Anderson, Tim Coster, Rohan Drape, Aviva Endean, Alexander Garsden, Callum G'Froerer, Matthias Schack Arnott. 8pm, Northcote Uniting Church. $20/$12
Thu 31 Aug: INLAND 17.B - A Life Of Afterwords Begin - Louise Devenish, Jameson Feakes, Alexander Garsden, Josten Myburgh. Highgate Continental, 479 Beaufort St, Highgate, Perth.
Fri 7 Jul: Quiver 'Small Worlds' CD Launch - feat. Andy Butler, Aviva Endean, Alexander Garsden, Matthias Schack Arnott, Chloë Smith, Ryan Williams - supported by Evelyn Morris. Church of All Nations, Carlton.
Thu 6 Jul: AG solo, Aviva Endean, Clinton Green at Westpace 'An Evening Of Musik'. 7:30pm
Sat 3 Jun: INLAND 17.7 - I Knew Without Knowing, I Understood Without Understanding - Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden, Erkki Veltheim.  MONA. 1-4pm.  Ticket included in museum entry.
Thu 1 Jun: Francis Plagne at Vivid Sydney, Repressed Records showcase, Sydney Opera House, 6-12pm.
Fri 19 May: INLAND 17.6 - Five Of The Twelve Months (And Hours) - Jenny Barnes, Aviva Endean, Dale Gorfinkel, Jon Heilbron, Scott McConnachie, Julia Reidy, Erkki Veltheim, Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden.  Incinerator Gallery, Moonee Ponds.  7pm
Sat 13 May: Liquid Architecture + INLAND - Àine O-Dwyer, the Melbourne Georgian Choir, Drape/Garsden/Veltheim.  The Good Shepherd Chapel, Abbotsford Convent. $15
Thu 28 Apr: AG solo, Jessica Aszodi, and Jane Sheldon, PGH, Paddington, Sydney
Wed 8 Feb: INLAND 17.3 - The Last Remnants Memory Destroys - Jérôme Noetinger (FR), Pateras/Baxter/Brown, Fox/Fusinato, AG Solo.  The Tote.  8pm
Sun 29 Jan: INLAND 17.2 - I Dream That I Am Sleeping, I Dream That I Am Dreaming - Magda Mayas, Joy Lee, Oren Ambarchi, Joe Talia,  Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Sat 28 Jan: True Strength Album Launch, with BJ Morriszonkle, Nick Tsiavos + Deborah Kayser, Chris Rainier playing Harry Partch.  Eastmint Studios, Northcote. 7:30pm
Thu 26 Jan: Francis Plagne Band, Marco Fusinato+Joe Talia, Crys Cole.  The Toff, 8pm.
Sat 21 Jan: True Strength at Mona Foma, Hobart
Thu 19 Jan: NOWnow+INLAND - True Strength, Joy Lee playing Morton Feldman, Great Waitress, Ingar Zach, Rohan Drape, Hannah Catherine Jones.  107 Projects, Redfern.
Mon 16 Jan: Liquid Architecture + INLAND - True Strength, Okkyung Lee, James Rushford+Joe Talia, Oren Ambarchi+Crys Cole.  The Oratory, Abbotsford Convent.  $20/12

^ 2017

Wed 21 Dec: Ned Collette + Mick Turner.  The Gasometer, 8pm, $12
Tue 20 Dec: MIUC Big Band 2016 feat. Moles/Grant/Schack-Arnott/Bennett/Leslie/Halliwell/Garsden/Wilde/Goodall/Knight/Sharp/Woods/Endean/Honeybrook.  Bar Open, Doors 20:30, $10/$5
Wed 14 Dec: Ned Collette + Tim Coster.  The Gasometer, 8pm, $12
Wed 7 Dec: Ned Collette + Crys Cole & Francis Plagne Duo.  The Gasometer, 8pm, $12
Tue 6 Dec: AG solo at MIUC, alongisde Louis Burdett vs. WDK; Sage Pbbbt & Nat Grant.   Bar Open, Doors 20:30, $10/$5
Tue 22 Nov: Matthew Horsley and Ryan Williams perform 'others, undeniably casual or fugitive, some even now dead' (Uillean pipes, recorder and computer) at Melbourne Recital Centre
Sun 20 Nov: Sydney Symphony Orchestra (cond. Brett Dean) perform 'We Never Come Here' at Carriageworks, with works by Reich, Rzewski, and Anderson.
Mon 14 Nov: INLAND 16.A - The Days About Me And The Days Passed Over Me - Natasha Anderson, Ben Harper, Hanna Hartman, Peter Humble, Anthony Pateras, Julia Reidy, Bree Van Reyk, Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden.  Glebe Justice Centre.  8pm
Thu 10 Nov: INLAND 16.9 - And Wish If We Had Not Spoken In Between - Ben Harper, The Overtone Ensemble, Scott McConnachie, Julia Reidy, Joe Talia,  Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Sun 23 Oct: AG solo + Hannah Cameron at Some Velvet Morning, Clifton Hill.  Free Entry.
Fri 30 Sep: INLAND 16.8 - Dry Land Ecology .3 - AG performs 'Messages to Erice' alongside performances by Paddy Mann, Ev Morris, Francis Plagne and Byron Scullin.  The SUBSTATION, 1 Market St., Newport, $25/20.
Wed 28 Sep: INLAND 16.8 - Dry Land Ecology .1 - AG and Lizzy Welsh perform Jeanette Little's 'Fou', alongside performances by Natasha Anderson, Rosalind Hall, Amanda Stewart and Sabina Maselli.  The SUBSTATION, 1 Market St., Newport, $25/20.
Sun 28 Aug: INLAND 16.6 - Three Bodies / Stories Once Barely Believed - Francis Plagne w/ Cat Lamb, Manuel Lima, Erkki Veltheim. Neon Parc, 15 Tinning St., Brunswick.  3:30pm, Free entry.
Sat 13 Aug: Matthew Horsley and Ryan Williams perform 'others, undeniably casual or fugitive, some even now dead' (Uillean pipes, recorder and computer) at Church of All Nations, Carlton. 3pm, $20/$10.
Thu 11 Aug: Lizzy Welsh performs 'Law II' for Baroque Violin and Electronics at Open Space, Darmstadte Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Music, 17hr, Free Entry
Wed 10 Aug: AG solo at Avantwhatever monthly, w/ Matt Revert and Amanda Terry + Tim Green. The Alderman, Brunswick, $10.
Mon 18 Jul: INLAND 16.4 - Through Savage Progress - Anthony Burr, Jim Denley, Anthony Pateras,  Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Mon 13 Jun: INLAND 16.3 - Because Gravity Overpowers me - Sabina Maselli, Scott McConnachie, Anthony Pateras, Erkki Veltheim,  Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Wed 11 May: AG Solo and Francis Plagne band at the Post Office Hotel, Coburg
Tue 29 Mar: AG Solo w Seth Cluett + Rosalind Hall/Judith Hamann, Peppers Locano, The Hump, Ridgewood, NYC
Sat 26 Mar: AG Solo w Rosalind Hall/Judith Hamann + David Smooke, Red Room, Baltimore
Mon 23 Mar: AG Solo w Rosalind Hall/Judith Hamann, Alexander Bruck, The Wulf, S Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles
Sat 19 Mar: True Strength, Golden Fur, Erik Carlson and Kuhn/Babin/Moreno, Space 4 Art, San Diego
Wed 16 Mar: Francis Plagne, Exotic Dog, Laurence & Dean, Life Groove Cafe, Paramatta Rd, Leichardt, Sydney
Mon 14 Mar: INLAND 16.2 - Hidden In An Anonymous Fold of the Ground - Hanna Chetwin, Francis Plagne, Simon Barker, Jessica Aszodi, Anthony Pateras, Julia Reidy, Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden.  Glebe Justice Centre.  8pm
Sun 28 Feb:INLAND 16.1 - Who Saies My Teares Have Overflow'd His Ground - Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, Jessika Kenney, Joe Talia, Jenny Barnes, Francis Plagne, Oliver Mann, Magic Steven, Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  7:30pm
Mon 18 Jan: INLAND 16.0 - Arcana Cœlestia, or: Transmitted through the hollow of the air -  Ora Clementi, Will Guthrie, Michael Kieran Harvey, Kim Myhr, Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Sat 9 Jan: Francis Plagne 'Funeral Mutes' Album launch, with Oren Ambarchi, Crys Cole, Tim Coster and Pat O'Brien.  Eastmint Studios, 25 Eastment St., Northcote

^ 2016

Tue 15 Dec: MIUC Big Band with Dave Brown, Alex Garsden, Lizzy Welsh, Sean Baxter, Joe Talia, Maria Moles, Aviva Endean, Lloyd Honeybrook, Lisa MacKinney, Carolyn Connors, Peter Hyde, Llara Goodall, Sharryn Koppens and Samaan Fieck
Thu 10 Dec: Lizzy Welsh and Alex Garsden duo at Long play, with Alice Bennett, Dale Gorfinkel, Michael McNab and Shani Mohini-Holmes
Tue 1 Dec: INLAND 15.6 - Fare Forward Voyagers [Sydney] -  Natasha Anderson, Jim Denley, Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden, Anthony Pateras, Amanda Stewart, Erkki Veltheim.  Glebe Justice Centre.  8pm
Mon 30 Nov: INLAND 15.5 -  Fare Forward Voyagers [Brisbane] -  Natasha Anderson, Anthony Burr, Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden, Anthony Pateras, Vanessa Tomlinson, Erkki Veltheim, Lizzy Welsh.  St Mary's Kangaroo Point.  8pm
Mon 24 Aug: INLAND 15.4 - The Falcon Cannot Hear The Falconer -  Robin Hayward, Dan Richardson, Nat Grant, Francis Plagne, Paddy Mann, Rohan Drape, Alexander Garsden.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Tue 8 Sep: AG solo at MIUC, with Matthias Schack-Arnott and Jenny Barnes
Wed 26 Aug: Yuko Kono with Hannah Cameron at Workers Club, Fitzroy
Mon 24 Aug: INLAND 15.3 - Your House is the Last Before the Infinite -  Jessica Aszodi, Samuel Dunscombe, Rohan Drape, Aviva Endean, Alexander Garsden, Judith Hamann, Matthew Horsley, Michiko Ogawa.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Fri 21 Aug: Francis Plagne with Julian Williams at Long Play, St. Georges Rd., Fitzroy North
Sat 15 Aug: Francis Plagne with Steven Socha at Conduit Arts Space, 83 Brunswick St. Fitzroy
Thu 13 Aug: AG solo at More Talk Less Action! with Sean Baxter and Kate Neal.  Arts Centre, Melbourne.  
Mon 3 Aug: Francis Plagne at Goodtime Studios, 746 Swanston St. Carlton, with Tim Coster, Matt Revert, Waste Drink and others
Mon 20 Jul: INLAND 15.2: I Am A City Of Habits -  Rohan Drape, Aviva Endean, Alexander Garsden, Joy Lee, James Rushford, Joe Talia.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Fri 3 Jul: True Strength + Yuko Kono + Evelyn Morris + The Perfect Human at Eastmint Art Studios, 25 Eastment St. Northcote. 7:30pm
Thu 19 Jun: AG solo performance for Geoff Robinson's Overlay Installation.  Westspace, Melbourne. 6pm. 
Mon 25 May: INLAND 15.1: Far Below Lies The World -  Jim Denley, Carolyn Connors, Rohan Drape/Elizabeth Welsh, Alexander Garsden, Erkki Veltheim.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Thu 14 May: Jessica Aszodi performs '[ja] maser' alongside works by Little, Pateras, Rushford.  Ian Graindage Recital Hall, Queensland Conservatorium of Music, Brisbane
Wed 13 May: MSO performs 'Faculties Intact (con tutta forza)' alongside works by Glass, Dun and Wolfe. 7:30pm, Melbourne Recital Centre
Mon 4 May: Speak Percussion performs 'Messages to Erice I & II' alongside works by Peter De Jager & Jeanette Little. 8pm, Melbourne Recital Centre
Mon 2 Mar: INLAND 15.0: Undebecome, Everywhere -  Great Waitress, Buck/Talia, Drape/Garsden.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Fri 27 Feb: AG (playing JF) supports Bitter Sweethearts Album Launch. Spotted Mallard, Brunswick. 8:30pm, $5
Sat 31 Jan: MSO performs 'Faculties Intact (con tutta forza)' alongside works by Humphries, Pax and Sdraulig. 6:30pm, Iwaki Auditorium

^ 2015

Sat 20 Dec: Yuko Kono supports Ora Clementi (Rushford/Cole) Album launch. Richmond Uniting Church, 7pm.
Mon 17 Nov: INLAND 14.3: The Invisible Doors of That Invisible Country - Anderson, Caddy, Drape, Garsden, Pateras/Veltheim. Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Sun 26 Oct: Yuko Kono support Lisa Salvo for her album launch at Horse & Weasel Tabernacle/Somewhere Studios/ 25 Eastment St. Northcote
Thu 23 Oct: Yuko Kono, at Long Play, Fitzroy North.
Thu 9 Oct: Drape/Garsden perform for 'DYAD', a night of electro/acoustic duos curated by Erkki Veltheim at Conduit Arts, Fitzroy.  Also on the bill Jenny Barnes/Joe Talia and (Magic) Steven Harris/Francis Plagne.  8pm, $10 Entry. 
Fri 3 Oct: Solo performance alongside one of my longstanding favourite Melbourne musicians, Evelyn Morris (Pikelet, Baseball, et al) for the 'COMPOSED' series at Grant St. Southbank.  6:30pm, Free Entry.  More info here.
Mon 8 Sep: INLAND 14.2: or rather i heard that voice ruined from such long silence - Dunscombe, Hamann, Drape/Garsden, with Jessica Aszodi performing works by Rushford and Pateras.  Church of All Nations, Carlton.  8pm
Tue 26 Aug: Garsden/Veltheim at MIUC, Bar Open, Fitzroy.  Also on the bill good friends Lizzy Welsh/Kim Tan/Rhys Corr and Brous/Rushford percussion duo.  Doors 8:30pm.
Wed 20 Aug: Francis Plagne + Tim Richmond at The Tote, Collingwood
Friday 8 Aug: True Strength + Ned Collette and Wirewalker on a narcissistic double bill at Salon Remise, Am Trepotower Park 28, Berlin.  Doors 21:30
Thurs 31 July: True Strength support 'Temple' at Dome of Visions, Søren Kierkegaards Plads 1, Copenhagen.  More info here.
Thurs 10 July: Ned Collette and Wirewalker in Freiburg (Venue TBC so contact me directly if you need details for this one).
Thurs 3 July: Ned Collette and Wirewalker at Monarch, Skalitzer Straße 134, Berlin.  Doors 9pm.  More info here.
Sun 22 June: Quiver New Music Ensemble + AG + Chris Heenan perform work by Werner Dafeldecker at Studio 8, Grüntaler Straße 9, Wedding, Berlin.  Doors 19h. 
Sun 15 June: AG solo + Pateras/Veltheim + Gustavo Costa at Ausland, Lychener Straße 60, Berlin. Doors 20h.  More info here
Thu 5 June: Jessica Aszodi premieres [ja] maser in her recital 'Abject Desire', part of Vivid Sydney 2014.  New Australian works for Voice and Electronics.  Also features works by Pateras, Rushford, Dunscombe and Little.  More info & booking here.
Thu 29 May: Garsden/Veltheim + Rohan Drape + more... Conduit Arts, Fitzroy
Wed 28 May: True Strength (our last Aus. show for 2014) + Grand Salvo + Void Glorious Void + Evelyn Ida Morris. Somewhere Studios, 25 Eastment St. Northcote, Doors 7pm.
Sun 11 May: True Strength support Pikelet for likely their last Aus. show for 2014 (alongside Alyx Dennison and Angel Eyes), The Toff in Town, Melbourne.  Doors 7pm.  More info here
Fri 9 May: Ned Collette and Wirewalker (likely last Aus. show for 2014) with Laura Jean at Cobra Bar, above The Tote, Collingwood
Fri 2 May: Ned Collette and Wirewalker Networking in Purgatory Album launch, Northcote Social Club
Mon 28 Apr: INLAND 14.1: to where nothing ever shared (Drape/Garsden/Pateras/Veltheim/Talia) Church of All Nations, Carlton, 7:30pm
Thur 24 Apr: INLAND 14.0: to where nothing ever shared (Drape/Garsden/Pateras/Guthrie/Altman+Brooks) Paddington United Church, Sydney, 7:30pm
Tue 22 Apr: Ned Collette (duo), Midnight Special, Newtown, Sydney
Fri 18 Apr: Francis Plagne, Dane's Magic Shop, Brunswick
Thu 17 Apr: Francis Plagne, Long Play, Fitzroy North
Sun 13 Apr: Slave Pianos' The Lepidopters, feat. Punkasila, Michael Kieran Harvey, ASTRA Choir, Aviva Endean & Alex GarsdenArts House, North Melbourne Town Hall, 5pm
Sat 12 Apr: Slave Pianos' The Lepidopters, feat. Punkasila, Michael Kieran Harvey, ASTRA Choir, Aviva Endean & Alex GarsdenArts House, North Melbourne Town Hall, 3:30 and 7pm
Sun 6 Apr: Ned Collette (duo), Victoria Hotel, Brunswick, also feat. Oliver Mann, from 5pm
Sat 22 Mar: Slave Pianos' The Lepidopters, feat. Punkasila, Michael Kieran Harvey, Aviva Endean & Alex Garsden, Yes No Klub, Yogyakarta, 8pm
Fri 21 Mar: Slave Pianos' The Lepidopters, feat. Punkasila, Michael Kieran Harvey, Aviva Endean & Alex Garsden, Yes No Klub, Yogyakarta, 8pm
Feb 28 – Slave Pianos + AG + James Rushford + Aviva Endean accompany talks by Chris McAuliffe to accompany Slave Pianos' ‘Sedulur Gamelan’ at NGV (Ian Potter Centre).  8pm, Free Entry.  More info here.
Feb 1 – Stutter Big Band in the NGV (St Kilda Rd.) Foyer at 2pm sharp, with all the stalwarts: Baxter, Honeybrook, Talia, Caddy, Rushford, Fuller, Butler, Albury, Endean, Manek, Richards and even a Brous.
Jan 21 – MIUC 16th Birthday Festival, Week 3 features a duo between myself and Erkki Veltheim.  Also feat. Ben Byrne/Rosalind Hall, Sean Baxter/Jean-Phillipe Gross, Karis/Bramley/James
Jan 19 – Francis Plagne playing all new material for ‘Albertsfest’ at Upper Canon, 42 Cremorne St, Richmond, alongside most of the great bands from Michael Zulicki’s ‘Albert’s Basement’ label.

^ 2014

Tuesday Dec. 17: Stutter Big Band @ MIUC alongside stalwarts Baxter, Talia, Hamann, Rushford, Fuller, Butler, Albury, Endean, Vivian, Richards and (maybe) Caddy please just come and drink it will be hours of fun.
Saturday Dec. 14: Eugene Ughetti solo recital at Melbourne Recital Centre, performing (amongst works by Pateras, Rushford, Meadowcroft and Lim) my Macrograph for amplified percussion.  Tickets can be booked here and more info here.
Friday Dec. 13: AG joins Elizabeth Welsh and Kim Tan, performing Clarence Barlow's ...until... Version 7 for Guitar (1981) alongside works by Peter De Jager (though I fear minus his floral silk waistcoat), Sciarrino, Barlow (KT performing version 8 for Piccolo) and Garsden: EW will be performing my Law II for baroque violin and electronics, premiered earlier this year and heavily revised in the mean time.  Northcote Uniting, 7:30pm, $25/15 with tickets available at the door